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Cerakote (Prices below are for ONE color)

Shotguns & Rifles (Bolt Action, pump, or single shot): Starting at $225 (metal only)

Semi-Auto Rifles: Starting at $250

Shotgun Barrel: Starting at $90

Rifle or shotgun stock set: Starting at $135

Shotguns: O/U and SxS: Starting at $300

Handguns: Starting at $200

Handgun slide: Starting at $85

Handgun Barrel: Starting at $60

Handgun frame: Starting at $125

Handgun magazine floorplate: $20

AR-15/10 stripped upper: Starting at $80

AR-15/10 stripped lower: Starting at $80

AR-15/10 forearm w/o rail: Starting at $75

AR-15/10 forearm w/ rail: Starting at $85

AR-15/10 forearm w/ quad rail: Starting at $115

AR-15/10 magazine: Starting at $30

AR-15/10 Stock: Starting at $85

Scopes: Starting at $200

Scope rings: Starting at $50

Scope rail: Starting at $40

*Minimum charge for cerakote is $75

*Additional fee for disassembly, reassembly or scope mounting may be applied

*For gun parts not listed above, please come in for an estimate. 

*Add $50 for each additional cerakote color that is applied to your gun (camo patterns not included)

*Camo and theme patterns are priced individually based on the color scheme, number of colors, etc.

**Add $50 for special order colors not normally stocked (Must pay in advance before color is ordered. No refunds if you do not like the color you selected.)

***Any coating applied to the gun's surface (ex. hydrographics, camo wraps, camo tape, etc.) must be removed prior to the application of Cerakote. There is an additional charge for the removal of other coatings.


Hot Salt Bluing - Matte Finish: Starting at $225  

Hot Salt Bluing - High Gloss Finish: Starting at $350 

Slow Rust Bluing: Starting at $400

Draw-filing (to remove pits and scratches): $50/hour

Wood Finishing: Starting at $200

NFA Engraving: Starting at $75  

*Additional charge is added for supplies and cost of ammo for test firing. You may provide your own ammo for test firing and there will be no charge for ammo.

***We repair, clean, and refinish guns in the order they are dropped off to us.  If you want to be ahead of everyone else, it will cost double the hourly rate ($150 per hour of labor). 

​After a gun is repaired/refinished and you are contacted, you have 31 days to pick it up. On day 32 there is a $10 a day per gun charge till it is picked up. After 90 days, the gun is turned into a parts gun.  

****Please come in with your gun for an estimate. We do not give estimates over the phone.

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