Reulet Gun Works, LLC
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(Parish and State sales taxes will be added to all services provided)

Hourly rate: $75 ($40 minimum charge)

Hourly man & machine rate: $100 ($50 minimum charge)

Appraisal of firearm value: $40 per gun

Disassembly/Reassembly of Firearm: Starting at $75

Diagnostic/Deposit Fee: Starting at $40 (If you refuese service after a repair estimate has been given or pick it up before the service has been started/completed, there is still a $40 fee per gun) 

Inspection: Starting at $55 

Repair: Starting at $75 + cost of parts and ammo for test firing

Professional Cleaning (completely strip gun, clean all parts, checking for wear, and making suggestions to put gun in A-1 condition): Starting at $75 (price depends on gun's make, model, and other variables) + cost of supplies and ammo for test firing

Repair + Cleaning: Starting at $125 + cost of parts, supplies, and ammo for test firing

Initials Engraving on metal only: $50 (3 letters)

NFA Engraving: Starting at $75

Remove stuck fired case from chamber: Starting at $75

Remove stuck live round from chamber: Starting at $125

Remove obstruction from bore: Starting at $75

Make Chamber Cast: Starting at $60

Mount Scope (gun drilled & tapped): Starting at $50 (Price depends on mount type)

Drill and tap for scope base: Starting at $80 (Price depends on number of holes, thread pitch, etc.)

Bore Sight: $25

Sight in firearm: Starting at $75 + cost of ammo 

Install Adjustable Trigger: Starting at $75 + trigger

Check Trigger Pull: $40 ($25 if gun is in for other work) 

Adjustments to Trigger Pull: Starting at $60

Sight Installation: Front Sight: Starting at $35, Rear Sight: Starting at $40, Both Sights: Starting at $60

Install Recoil Pad: Starting at $75 + cost of pad

Please contact me with any questions (985) 400-5128

* You may provide your own ammo for test firing.

‚Äč****Please come in with your gun for an estimate. We do not give estimates over the phone. 

***We repair, clean, and refinish guns in the order they are dropped off to us.  If you want to be ahead of everyone else, it will cost double the hourly rate ($150 per hour of labor).  

After a gun is repaired/refinished and you are contacted, you have 31 days to pick it up. On day 32 there is a $10 a day charge per gun till it is picked up. After 90 days, the gun is turned into a parts gun.  


*Prices subject to change without notice.

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